Deborah @ De La Flor in Ft. Lauderdale, FL
“Best system on the market, never turned over an arrangement since we put the seminole system in all of our vans.”

Barbara @ June’s Flowers in Theoeore, AL
“I threw out the smelly foam several years ago and use the seminole system in my delivery vehicles."

Michael @ Adams Flowers in Paragould AR
“Best delivery aid on the market, has saved us countless dollars in delivery damage."

David @ Ann’s Porch in Columbus, GA
"A real time saver, fast loading & driver can load in delivery rotation. we love the system."

Chris @ Kabloom in San Antonio, TX
"The seminole system is by far the best on the market, will be buying more as we add more delivery vans."

Pam @ Ellis Florist in Harrodsburg, KY
"We bought our first seminole system in 1997, and as the old foam ones wear out we replace them with the seminole one, they never wear out, and tall pieces won’t turn over."

Walter @ South Florida School of Floral Design in Lake Worth, FL
"I am totaly sold on the seminole system, we use it as part of the training program in our design school."

Deb @ Chadwick in Houlton, ME
"We bought our first one 4 or 5 years ago at a trade show. it worked so much better than all the other systems out there we must have 5 kits now."

Paul Raimondi @ Raimondis in Greater Baltimore Area
"We are very happy with the seminole system and are replacing all the other types with seminoles as they wear out."

Terry Cabral @ Ray’s in Fall River, MA
"Best system out there, saves us time & have no turn overs now."

Robbie @ Scurlocks in Buna, TX
"We have used every type of delivery equipment on the market plus a home made device. The seminole system beats them all!"

Richard @ Sheely’s in Anacortes, WA
"Seminoles grid system is by far the best we love it, it is a real time and money saver."

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